Hello my name is Paul Smith

I was so inspired by the "My name is Paul Smith" exhibition at the Design Museum, London, so I wanted to share some of the highlights with you. I loved seeing a replica of the studio - complete with paint palettes, colour chips, vintage fabric swatches and lovely creative MESS!  

There were Macs too, but it's evident that the creative process and the playing around with colour and pattern takes place with real fabrics, paints and paper,  well before anything is even scanned in. That's my preferred way of working too.  You can't beat real paint, paper and inks. Print and pattern can be so digitally focused now, that it's easy to forget that this is where it all starts.

Paul Smith's clever use of stripes is well documented, but seeing lots of them in one place really focuses the mind on the endless possibilities. I love the primary brights striped women's jacket - the stripes look like bamboo branches.

Menswear prints were inspirational too - beautifully rendered botanical florals which look so current, even though they were designed over a decade ago.  I love that he's not afraid to offer men really  colourful and unique prints but pairs them with great classics in navy, black and grey to ground them.

The exhibition is on til 9th March 2014. I might even go again.....